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Cybersecurity Management

IT GRC - Governance, Risk and Compliance

IT Audit / IT Control Assurance

Data Analytics / Continuous Monitoring / Training

IT Bilingual Support and Training (English/Spanish)


We can provide useful help leading an initiative (Outsourcing) or working as part of your team (Cosourcing), for addressing:

  • Cybersecurity Management (Assessments (SOC for cybersecurity report), Readiness Assistance, Monitoring)
  • IT GRC Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • IT Audit (Internal and External Audit, Readiness Assistance for SOC - Systems and Organization Controls Examinations)
including SOC for Cybersecurity examination)
  • Data Analytics / Design of Continuous Monitoring Tools / Training
  • IT Bilingual Support and Training (English / Spanish)

 Enabling the organization to achieve greater operational efficiencies and add value:

- Obtaining a more reliable information and transparency to support informed and strategic decision making

- Gaining stakeholders confidence

- Enhancing your company assurance and reputation in front of boards, regulators, business partners, investors, analysts, customers, and other.

- Reducing risks and losses

 We help companies of all sizes from several industries, from healthcare to financial services, from regulated utilities to retail, from manufacturing to construction, and everything in between. We bring industry knowledge acquired from years of experience working across of business functions.